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investments in the USAMore foreigners are putting up investments in the USA using the EB 5 program. There’s a jump in the numbers of participants, but they hardly fill up the yearly quota of 10,000 investors. The sudden rise in the number of applicants might be due to 3 reasons:

  1. The steady growth of the economy is giving more investors’ confidence. There’s a bigger chance of success now that the economy is picking up.
  2. Some investors may feel that because of the growing economy the 14 year old EB 5 program may be halted. There’s no reason to on with it since more people will have a steady job and higher salaries at that. So they are applying for it before it’s going to close.
  3. 3. It is only now that more people have become aware of the program, therefore it’s only now that they applied.

These are just my personal view as continue to observe the U.S. economy. The second reason, if it becomes true will really give a lot of prospective investors a bad feeling for not taking the opportunity while it was available.

The Canadian federal government has put a stopped to their own investment visa program, but for a different reason. It’s easy for government to withdraw the program if they feel it isn’t useful for the U.S. economy anymore.

Although there are immediate no plans of doing it as of the moment, it may just come without any warning. A short extension might be in place, but why take the risk. Apply now and let’s keep the ball rolling. It’s such a fantastic occasion just to let it go by.

There’s no other offer in entering the country better than putting up investments in the U.S.A. The program allows you to enter the country as a green card holder together with your wife and children. Children should be minors. This means they’re less than 21 years old. The amount of investment required ranges from $500,000 to $1,000, 000.

You can live in any state that you want. Maybe you have other relatives here and you want to live nearer to them. Your children can also continue and finish their studies here. You will also be allowed to find jobs and so are your children. The approval of the visa will be immediate, as soon as you can present the money. This is guaranteed.

So if you have the money now and you want to live and do business in the U.S., now is the most opportune time to do it. Make your plans right away. Call us and we can help in planning your moves and afterwards process your EB 5 investor visa. We have helped others to migrate to the U.S. without any hassle. Our  visa experts are highly experienced and familiar with the process.

I say, strike while the iron is hot, because when it cools down, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. Contact us and we will begin the application process immediately. Our belief is that, there’s no time to waste. Opportunities such as this knock only once and it is knocking for almost 15 years now.









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