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The Law Office of Shayne Epstein knows that there’s no room for delays in your investment visa application.

investment visaIf you’re a businessman, you may have a lot of knowledge about running your business. Your experience counts a lot in keeping your business afloat. You’re familiar with your products and you know who your competitors are and you have been effective in maintaining our market share. This is very important. Your business survival depends upon your customers’ continued support. If given a chance, you’d like to expand your business and make more money.

How about bringing your business to the U.S.? You may the proposal quite difficult to conceive and we understand. I’m not referring to investing with stocks and bonds or real estate and mutual funds. These are different investments in the U.S. that you may find interesting. A lot of people made money involving in these kinds of business.

However, we’d like to bring to your attention another investment opportunity here in the U.S. which will make it possible for you and your family, including wife and minor children, to stay here permanently. You and your family will be issued a permanent resident visa and you can work here. The approval rate is very high and there’s a shortage of applicant right now.

We call this EB-5 visa or investment visa.

In 1999, congress passed the EB-5 law to help business grow in the country. Everybody knows what happened here. There was a great economic collapse during that time and many Americans were having difficulty finding work. The government created this law to encourage businessmen, like you, from other countries to invest in the country in exchange for permanent resident visa.

Several businessmen have already taken advantage of this program and are now living here with their own businesses.  The required capital is $1,000,000. This is not too much if you own big business in your country right now. The amount could be reduces to $500,000 if you’re amenable of investing in hard hit rural areas where unemployment are still very high.

Other requirements include employing 10 Americans in your business for 2 years. Can you picture yourself now having your own business here in the U.S.? Your question would be how to do it, what papers to prepare and where to submit them? We can help you in that area. Leave the paperwork to us.

You might be in a hurry to get the EB-5 right now. Your eldest son or daughter will soon reach the age of 21. This will mean that they’ll soon become ineligible to get the visa. They can’t come to you and they will have to stay behind. We have encountered situations like these and we’re able to finish the processing with plenty of time to spare.

The approval of EB-5 visa for those who plans to place investments in the USA is quicker. It’s the preparation and submission of the required documents that usually takes longer. You don’t have to worry if we are handling your application. Our Law Office of Shayne Epstein’s staff is so used to preparing and submitting applications for this type of visa. It has become second nature to us. There are no delays whatsoever.

Please visit us at our website and contact the Law Office of Shayne Epstein and let’s start the preparation going immediately.





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