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The Law office of Shayne Epstein is always open for inquiry to help you migrate to the United States using the green card investor visa.

green card investor visaAre you interested in obtaining the green card investor visa also known as EB5 visa. If you are, let us help you get one before the year ends. You will definitely be in the United States before the U.S. will have the program terminated. Good things never last. The requirement is mainly having the amount to invest in the United States. It’s either $1, 0000,000 0r $ 500,000.

What’s the difference between the two? Why are there two amounts involved and not only one? You might be thinking that it would be better choosing the one involving the lesser amount. The difference is exactly half when the two are compared. That seem to be the case if we look at it.

There are specific requirements attached to each amount. These will help even up the advantages that is present in each of them. For the $1,000,000 requirement, you are given a choice where you want to invest your money. You can manage your business and the opportunity to earn more is some of the perks that makes it attractive.

On the other hand, if you choose to invest $500, 000 only, your money will only be used in rural areas where the unemployment rate is very high. You will have no control what company will your money be invested. The return isn’t as high as when you have a choice where to put it. The common requirement between the two is that the investment will create full time jobs for 10 Americans.

If you’re planning to invest in the United States, you should make a decision right away.  before this golden opportunity offered by the United States might come to an end. It may just be like what happened to its neighbor in the north, Canada.  It had one of the most successful investment visa programs in the world which was similar to the EB 5 of the United States and yet the Federal government shut it down.

We are still processing EB 5 visa or green card investor visa. The number of application has definitely increased although the entire quota system is not about to be filled. However, we are getting more applications in our office.

The opportunity to make money is always there, especially now that the economy is getting better. These might be the reason why more investors are getting into the act.  Getting investor visa in China is becoming more difficult, with the waiting period extending up to 2 years. This due to an overwhelming number of applicants. It may not happen here but if there are more applicants, the waiting period may also be extended.

Many people would want to take advantage of this program if they have money. If you have the amount right now, call us and we will help you with your plans. You don’t have to wait long once we start the ball rolling. We are experts and professionals at the same time.






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