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green card investorGreen card investor visa or EB-5 is reserved for aliens who have an interest in doing business in the U.S.  When you invest in this kind of business, you’re not required to work under any employer and to get any labor certification. The only requirement is for you to raise $500,000 to $1,000,000 investment money and invest them in the country.  You also have to prove that the money is from legal sources.

You’re next concern is about what you have to do to apply for this kind of visa. The law office of Shayne Epstein will help you in this matter. We’re going to facilitate the preparation of the application papers and process them. After that, all you have to do is submit them then wait just a little while for your interview.

After your application is approved, you will be issued a green card. If you’re married and have minor children, you can bring them along.

The records must show that you have invested already or your money is already in the process of investing. It should help in uplifting the US economy by giving full time jobs to 10 Americans or maintaining the jobs of the same number of persons.

Concerning the difference in the investment money requirement: if you’re interested in starting a new commercial venture outside of the areas designated by the Office of Management and Budget or OMB, you will have to contribute $1,000,000 for your capital. Meanwhile, the $500,000 is only applicable if you agree to invest it areas where the unemployment rate is equivalent to at least 50% of the national standard.

You should have an accomplished Form I-526 which is an Emigration Petition by An Alien Entrepreneur. There are 2 USCIS P.O. Boxes where you can send your application depending where you want to start your new business. One is California, the other is Texas.

Now this is very important. To be considered as a lawful permanent US resident, you must file a conditional resident Form I-829 90 days before the expiry of your 2 year temporary stay in the US. This will make your stay legal and permanent.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the conditions attached to the green card investor visa? You don’t have to. We will do everything for you. Just leave all the paperwork with us and concentrate on the business at hand. We will take care of the papers for you. We will inform you if there are new developments.

America is the best place to invest your money. You have to take advantage of this offer. It’s. Canada has terminated theirs and only few places in that country are still accepting investor’s visa.

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