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eb5-visaThere are more than 100 other countries offering investment visa throughout the world. Countries such as Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom, Australia, Malta and United States are some of those who are offering this type of visa to those who are interested in seeking permanent resident status. The approach differs in each country and so does the amount. In the United States this particular visa is better known as EB5 visa or Employment Based 5th Preference. It’s also known by many other names.

Upon submitting the required amount, $1,000,000 or $500,000 depending where you want to invest your money, you are issued a temporary visa in the country for 2 years. If you’re investment continue to create and support 10 jobs for 2 years, you and your wife and minor children who traveled with you the U.S are going to be issued permanent resident status or green visas as long you met the required length of time of your stay in the country. There are no more restrictions imposed on you and your family. You can take the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America.

Why are their two different investment amounts required for each investor? For those foreign nationals who want to invest on new ventures, they are required to pay the bigger amounts. This is categorized as direct investment. You choose which business you like and you have control over it.

In case of indirect investments, it is the regional centers that take charge of the foreign investors’ money. They are responsible for finding which EB5 approved projects where the money should be put to use. This is where the investors pay only half the amount or $500,000.

The question about which is of the two is better will depend upon the ability of the investor to manage his/her money. While there’s more money to be made in the direct investment system, there’s also a greater risk involved.

We will be able to answer more of your questions concerning EB5 visa during one of our consultation meetings. We can explain to you how the EB5 visa works and what are the best choices you have. We have been dealing this type of visa for a long time now and we have become experts in answering every concerns that you may have.

Right now time might be running out for your EB5 visa application. The program might be closed but we don’t know the exact date yet. It won’t take long for us to finish everything, but here might a rash of applications if a deadline is imposed.

We have helped a lot of investors and their families live in the United States who are  enjoying their stay there right now. We can do the same for you. Call us for some exploratory talks. It’s for free. You may have no real plans as of now. Nonetheless, after talking to us, you might discover that  investing in the United States is just your cup of tea.







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