You Don’t Have to Be a Businessman to Apply for an Investment Visa


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You may have second thoughts in applying for eb-5 visa since you’re not a businessman. You don’t know anything about running a business in your country, how much in such a big and very competitive place such as the USA? You’re afraid that your investment won’t last long and you’ll be forced to return home a lot poorer.

That’s not the case and it’s really far from it. You can use your money to invest in any existing business and becomes a minority stockholder in the company. You don’t have to do anything. That’s the advantage of the entire setup. You just wait for your investment to grow. Meanwhile, you can find a job, including your wife and your children.  Yes, they can come with you. However, only minor children who are under 21 are allowed to take the trip with you.

The required amount is $1, 000, 0000. You can invest it anywhere in the country. If however you choose to invest it in rural areas where jobs are very difficult to find, the amount required is cut in half. You will only need to come up with $500,000.

There are 20 investment places which are designated as Regional Centers. These are where your $500,000 is going to be used. You won’t have to hire the 10 employees directly. Experienced and highly competent economic planners will decide whom to hire on your behalf.

You can choose from among these 20 regional centers and choose the companies where your money goes. As I’ve mentioned already, you use your money in buying stocks in those companies and become a partner. You leave the decision making to the people running the company. You are only allowed to invest your money in INS approved regional centers and the companies included in it.

Why are we explaining all these things to you? We’d like you to understand that your money is safe and you’re free to pursue other interests while in the country. You can earn an income other than from your investment. Your children can continue their studies anywhere in the U.S. You can move freely and stay anywhere you want where you find it comfortable and convenient for you.

So, what are you going to do next? Start applying right away if you have the money ready. We are always available anytime if you want to talk with us. The approval isn’t a problem. There are very few applicants for this type of visa. Once you have finished all the requirements, the eb-5 visa will be issued immediately. Your invest money is very important.

If you hear of delayed approval, it’s not the fault of INS or of the USCIS. It’s the people you hired are behind in the delaying the approval. They’re very slow in preparing, finishing and submitting your application papers.

We have a very high customer satisfaction rating at the Law Office of Shayne Epstein visa processing office. You’re always ahead if you allow us to handle the processing of your EB-5 visa application. You won’t find a better customer service than we have for you. Call us now or send us an email if you’re a new applicant or you have a problem with your ongoing EB- application.

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