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If you’re outside the country and you applied in your country for an American Investor Visa, you will have to pass through the consulate to have your EB 5 visa approved. The USCIS may have approved your application, but the consul can still deny you the visa. It’s true that the acceptance of your application is immediate, but the issuance of visas is subject to further scrutiny.

What are these?

  1. You may have overstayed in the U.S.A. before. They are very strict about this.
  2. You have committed a crime before and been convicted for this.
  3. You have committed acts of fraud and deceptions.
  4. The source of your income is suspect, and others.

If you’re actually have been residing in the U.S.A. when you applied for an American Investor Visa, a change of status is required.

Consulate interviews may be a formality if you’re applying for EB 5 visa in your country. If you’re here in Brazil, we can assist you gather the facts and teach you how to answer the questions that the consul may ask you during the interview.

As long as your answers are honest and credible and you haven’t done any criminal act in the past that may jeopardize your application, there’s no reason for your application to be denied. It seldom happens once the USCIS approves it. The USCIS will only approve your American investor visa after you file for I-529.

We can assist you in your EB 5 application every step of the way. One of this is answering your application papers. Making wrong entries may delay the granting of your visa. Our role includes assisting you in answering the questions, filling them up and then reviews them. When you sign the documents for filing purposes, they are without any mistakes and approval is very imminent.

We have seen the applications several times over and we are very familiar with them. We have even memorized many of the questions. Getting the answers may require more resourcefulness on our part, but we know where to get them. You can always contact us about the status of your application.

The investment amount ranges from $500,000 to $1,000,000. The $500,000 option is only applicable if you agree to invest your money in economically poor rural areas. Your money is used to create 10 full time jobs or continue to support the job of the same number of people. The company or business ventures are only limited in places which is approved by the USCIS. Nothing is final unless it gets the approval of the USCIS.

$1,000,000 is required if you choose to invest your money in other areas outside of the place and business under the USCIS jurisdiction.

Contact us right now. You will have your visa and plane tickets to the U.S.A. with your wife and children before long. The children should be below 21 years old. It’s a family affair and all of you can go together at the same time.

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